What Will Trigger The Boom In Gold Prices?

My view:

Stephen Roach, formerly of Morgan Stanley, also known as the "bear of Wall Street" lived in China for some years and is highly familiar with its economy and politics.  His assessment is probably accurate that a dispute that lasts more than a few months threatens to drag the global economy down with it as tariffs pile up.
Combine this threat with a stock market rally that is very long in the tooth, extended price to earnings valuations, and a US dollar that looks set to weaken and we have a very bullish set up for precious metals for safe haven demand.
Consider the chart below with its 6 year basing pattern.

The symmetry target is 1499-1500, while the basing pattern itself could measure into the low 1600s.
The investor should beware current developments, and consider how the Central Bank is likely to react to a slowing economy and a yield curve inversion that now appears imminent.