Carbon Tax Part Of Plan For Global Domination

Is Edward Burtynsky's Anthropocene proof of ecological disaster — or power politics?

To sell Canadians on the merits of his carbon tax plan, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau staged a media event in late October before a group of high school students at the National Gallery in Ottawa. His backdrop was a wall-size image of Cathedral Grove #1, a beautiful but dark-hued interior view of a boreal forest on Vancouver Island taken in 2017 by famed Canadian landscape photographer Edward Burtynsky.
However artful, Burtynsky has turned the poems, his photos, the film and two new books over to the service of a science crusade led by a small group of 37 geologists known as the Anthropocene Working Group. Its lead protagonist is Jan Zalasiewicz, a geologist at the University of Leicester and a prolific producer of journal articles promoting the official installation of the Anthropocene as a new unit of the Geologic Time Scale. Among the AWG’s members and proponents are also many climate activists, including journalist Andrew Revkin and Naomi Oreskes, a science historian at Harvard.
In this mingling of art and science, however, both Burtynsky’s provocative photographs and Zalasiewicz’s scientific claims are clearly part of a larger political attempt to deliberately manipulate public opinion and global economic and power structures. But do the art and the science of the Anthropocene, jointly or separately, make the case they claim to make? Or is the Anthropocene, as one scientist put it, more about “pop culture than hard science?”
  Vaclav Smil, emeritus professor at the University of Manitoba and one of the world’s great thinkers on the state of the planet, says that while humans are changing the Earth, there is little reason to conclude that we are a force as great or greater than nature.
As he wrote in 2015, solar activity, the planet’s shape, rotation and tilt, the eccentricity of its orbital path and the circulation of its atmosphere are all beyond human interference. “Nor can we ever hope to control the enormous terraforming processes, the Earth’s plate tectonics driven by internal heat and resulting in slow but constant creation of new ocean floor, forming, reshaping, and elevating landmasses whose distributions and altitudes are key determinants of climate variability and habitability.”
There can be little doubt, however, about the objectives of the Anthropocene’s proponents. Both the art and the science are united behind what can only be described as a revolutionary overthrow of current global governance ideas, systems and structures. The movement would install the new epoch as the foundation for a new planetary management regime.
The world needs a “deep transformation based on a fundamental reorientation of human values, equity, behaviour, institutions, economies, and technologies,” reads an August paper led by Will Steffen, a chemical engineer and a leading member of the Anthropocene Working Group. It envisages controls on population, economic development and other “deliberate, integral, and adaptive steps to reduce dangerous impacts on the Earth System.”
 My view:

As we have come to expect, the Left has come up with a new plan for global domination to be paid for with  your tax dollars.  While the concept of a "carbon tax" to reduce consumption and exhaust emissions sounds good on the surface, when we look underneath the glossy exterior, a darker agenda is revealed.  Unsatisfied with the enormous intake of taxes in various forms from its citizens, Canada, with its former drama teacher prime minister, is at the forefront of this barking mad idea.  By brainwashing children and the easily influenced minds of adults through a propaganda campaign, the fake environmentalists and pseudoscientists hope to gain power and positions of influence in a global government.  In this quest for global dominance, nations lose their sovereignty and ability to control what happens within their borders, and even who can come across their borders.  The European Union and the problem of mass illegal migration is a fine example of this madness.  The International Monetary Fund and its encouragement of governments to use digital currencies is another example along with its "wealth tax" proposal of 2013.
Do not be deceived, the Left is not on the side of the little guy.  It has big plans akin to Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World.  It is up to us to stop them while we still have a democracy that is somewhat functional.