One Card To Rule Them All - A Dystopian Future

Today most bank cards have a durability of maximum 3 years. The new card of the Maldives is the world´s first bank card which is made of Polycarbonate material that can last up to 10 years. Furthermore it contains a unique combination of a called dual-interface chip for contactless and contact card reading. The new card is certified by the Bank of Maldives as well as by MasterCard, allowing the card to be used internationally like any other MasterCard.

 But the innovative Maldives card can also be used as a driver´s license, health card or insurance card. The Controller General of Maldives Immigration, Mr. Mohamed Anwar says: "The door is open for many other government departments and private companies to use our new Passport Card in future. Research and development for the new card and it´s system has been done in close cooperation with the German company DERMALOG, which is also known for it´s innovative biometric systems." Gunther Mull, the CEO of DERMALOG, adds: "This is why the cards also contain 10 fingerprints for secure verification. Together with Maldives Immigration we are very proud about this very innovative and secure biometric card and system."
 My view:

Biometric data collection by government is yet another way to restrict our civil liberties.  With facial recognition and fingerprints available on these cards, the potential for abuse by the authorities is extreme.  In this particular case, combining all the features of travel restrictions both domestically (ie: national identity card) and internationally, the ability to buy and sell (Mastercard), and ability to access medical care is frightening given the authoritarian trends in governments globally.
This product has the potential to reduce members of a country from Citizens to Subjects.
A citizen has both rights and responsibilities to the state.
A subject has few if any rights, only demands imposed by the state.
This is Feudalism with a high tech twist.