Growing Internet Censorship In Canada

Conservative Canadian site The Rebel disrupted as its loses domain provider

Conservative Canadian website The Rebel said its domain provider cut its internet registration, making the site inaccessible to some users around the world on Monday as the company scrambled to get back online using a second provider.

The move comes after GoDaddy Inc, Alphabet Inc's Google and other technology firms last week pushed the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer offline by terminating services of the online publication that helped organize the violent rally in Virginia on Aug. 12.

Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant, whose website often rails against Muslims and refugees, did not identify the firm that severed his site's registration, although he said he was given 24 hours' notice and no explanation for the move.

"If this was a political censorship decision, it is terrifying - like a phone company telling you it is cancelling your phone number on 24 hours notice because it doesn’t like your conversations," Levant told Reuters.

My view:

As the angry left continues their disruptive protests against anyone who dares disagree with their politically correct, big government agenda, the media is participating in the clamp down on free speech.

A few months ago, a motion was passed in Canada's parliament, basically forbidding anyone from speaking out against any negative Islamic activities.  Motion M103 While no law was passed, it was unprecedented that one group should receive such favored status in Canada.

Now we see coordinated internet censorship by cutting off the internet providers of those who speak out against the ridiculous, twisted, media stories that are circulating on the major news channels.

While we are not fans of supremacists of any kind at this site; be they white, black, Marxist or anything else, it is most troubling to see the power behind the media shut down the voices of anyone who disagrees with them.

Democracies must have a variety of voices expressed to be effective at representing the will of the people.  Without this avenue, only the will of the Establishment and their big money supporters will be heard.  The growing call for censorship only enables the Totalitarian radicals in their agenda to first restrict, and then eliminate free speech.