Keep Your Eye On This European Hot Spot To Trigger The Next War

EU "losing Balkans - possibly with fatal consequences"


This is according to the Vienna-based daily Presse, that cites "warnings" about the EU "losing the Western Balkans" that have been "piling up in various publications."
Media interests in the region is increasing, reporters are being sent there and reports published, says Presse.

The magazine Europaische Rundschau - "which never let the Balkans out if its sight" - is cited as an example. In its latest edition, it published "Vedran Jihic's warning that the Balkans is a 'time bomb that is ticking'," said the daily.

"Powerful people are working to build their power, nationalism is again, in many places, as a technique to rule," said Jihic, a Vienna-based expert on the Balkans.

This magazine also pays attention to the topic of the Balkans as a place for recruiting militant Islamists, recalling that one-quarter of all Islamic State's foreign fighters coming from Europe "come from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia."

And since Islamic State is "under pressure" in Iraq and Syria, "the fighters returning could act as a cigarette lighter on a powder keg" that is made up of "an explosive religious and ethnic blend"