Infant Sentenced To Death By European Human Rights Court

Infant Sentenced To Death By European Human Rights Court


Ten-month-old Charlie Gard was sentenced to die by the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR), Tuesday, who ruled against potentially life-saving treatment for him.

The ECHR ordered that Gard’s life support be shut off and blocked him from travel to the U.S. for experimental treatment for which Gard’s parents raised over $1.7 million. Doctors diagnosed the infant boy with a rare mitochondrial disease, according to a report from Daily Mail. The court labeled the Gard’s appeal case “inadmissible” and upheld the previous decision of the U.K. High Court, laying their decision in Gard’s case was “final.”

“Subjecting him to nucleoside therapy is unknown territory — it has never even been tested on mouse models — but it may, or may not, subject the patient to pain, possibly even to mutations,” wrote Justice Francis in the High Court’s judgement. “But if Charlie’s damaged brain function cannot be improved, as all seem to agree, then how can he be any better off than he is now, which is in a condition that his parents believe should not be sustained?”

Francis then concluded that the hospital “may lawfully withdraw all treatment, save for palliative care, to permit Charlie to die with dignity.”


Dr. Brian Callister of Nevada, who has spoken out against assisted suicide and euthanasia, said the court’s decision was contemptible.

“To withdraw life support against somebody’s will when they have hope of a treatment that either could extend their life or, who knows how long it could extend it, who knows what kind of quality of life may or may not be available — to take away that hope and say ‘you’re life is worth nothing’ I think is wrong on every level,” Callister told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “It’s wrong on a human level. It’s wrong on any basic level of medical ethics, and there are medical ethicists out there in Europe and the United States who think that’s just fine. I think they’ve got a screw loose.”
Gard will be taken off life support Friday.
“I look at this postmodern world, when it comes to medical ethics, as a world in decay,” Callister said.
My view:

If you ever though Socialism was designed to benefit "the people" here is the evidence it does not. 

Despite raising close to $2 million for the treatment of their son, the European Court decided that forced euthanization was the solution rather than allowing travel to the U.S.

This stinks of Nazi like social experimentation to me.  The State has the right to kill you if it deems you unworthy, even if you have the funds to pay for medical treatments elsewhere.