Google Filters News It Doesn't Want You To See

Kosovo jihadis planned to blow up Venice's oldest bridge

All suspect were staying in the country legally, while "at least two" worked as waiters.

The Italian police also raided 12 locations, ten in the city's historic center.

The local paper Corriere del Veneto is reporting that the suspects planned to blow up Venice's best known and oldest bridge, Rialto, whose current appearance dates back to 1591.

 My view: 

It is becoming more apparent that major news providers and search engines do not want certain politically incorrect information available to the public.  This Serbian English language media outlet was one of the first to cover this story.

A search of Google revealed little.  Yahoo did have limited coverage.  

In a previous visit this blogger made to Bosnia Herzegovina, he discovered that Islamists often blow up bridges as part of a bigger military strategy as they did in the battle of Mostar.

So my question is twofold:

who is the fake news provider now?

and is there a large plan underway by jihadis to invade Southern Europe?