My Gold Forecast Model Suggests A Trump Upset Today

An experimental mechanical trading system I am developing suggest that gold may make another surge higher compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The model is proprietary, therefore I will not be sharing it publicly.

Models are also know to be wrong or incomplete.

Nevertheless, the model suggests by one of its indicators that the stock market is not yet fully unwound and that gold, a non-yielding asset, will outperform for at least a few more days.

Further evidence is given by two related charts:

Gold volatility index (GVZ)

US dollar Japanese Yen currency cross (USDJYP)

Both charts suggest that a risk off event is evident.

Considering that markets seem to prefer a Clinton victory and apparently have priced that in, a Trump upset could be the catalyst to trigger these patterns.

Perhaps there could be another catalyst of which we are not aware.

Let's see what happens today and overnight.


  1. Your model nailed it PW...good dam call...

  2. Thanks Bill, once in a while I actually get something right. LOL


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