The Oil Glut Is Just Beginning

My view:

It is not just electric cars that could impact the oil markets in the next decade or two.  China and India have large populations that are now car buyers who are purchasing vehicles with much higher levels of efficiency than their current automobile fleet.  Just a 20 or 30% improvement in fuel efficiency alone drops demand for oil substantially.

Further, new technology is on the horizon using super-capacitors to store electric charge.  Once this tech becomes available, the short distance limitations of electric vehicles will no longer be a barrier.

An interesting company that is working on this technology is Sunvault Energy.  I own a few shares myself.


  1. Where will the resources come from, or the pollution caused by human go? The earth is a finite sphere, yet capitalism requires ever more resources to create the growth to pay back the interest on the loans that are brought into existence in the first place to enable economic activity and then discounts the fallout from that activity on the natural world which supports all life.

    The world is already hitting the wall on so many levels. Capitalism will collapse at some point in the not too far distant future as a result of this un-sustainability. There will be no time or place for electric cars or 100's of millions of more middle class consumers. Only central bank hijinks have thankfully saved our collective bacon after the GFC, (the end of growth), until now, but their remedies wear thin. Otherwise we'd already be planting turnips and eating hedgehog.

  2. It seems there is a meme going around lately that Capitalism will collapse and we will all be doomed. The promoters of this view seem to be concentrated in mainstream media outlets and members of the left in government. To do justice to the issue it will be addressed in my next post.

  3. The U.S. economy has stalled, again,

    The economy has been stalled since 2001 and certainly since 2008. If the capitalist economy cannot grow, collapse is certain. Only central bank manipulation has so far stayed the hand of the executioner. But as mentioned, their prescriptions (QE, ZIRP even NIRP, bailouts, bail-ins, austerity, confiscations) are losing effectiveness.


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