The NWO Plans The Death Of Europe

My view:

An awakening is occurring in many European countries.

Citizens are seeing the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels force a resettlement experiment on all European nation states to dilute Christian Europe with Islamic migrants.

Such a plan can only end in tears as it did with the forced resettlement plans in communist Yugoslavia.  Ultimately, that plan broke the country into seven parts after the Bosnian war.

Yet here we are 20 something years later with a grander plan to force nations into a European super state, a United States of Europe.  The Euro currency being the precursor to the union and the coming banking crisis to be the catalyst for calls for a fiscal union, a Superstate administered from Brussels.

Awake Europeans Awake.

Fight off this dragon of a scheme and seize back your nations before it is too late.


  1. Yep it really is that simple. The super rich are simply sick and tired of even having to listen to the little people.


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