The Loony Left Surges In Canadian Election

Three Things About Justin Trudeau

1. His dad was Prime Minister
2. He's moved the Liberal Party to the left
3. He has a reputation for being soft

Trudeau's platform causes worry

Trudeau talks about increasing corporate taxes and making business pay more. This new idea will only close more small businesses and say goodbye to all those jobs, which Conservative leader Stephen Harper worked hard to create by cutting corporate tax, which made room for minimum wage increases every year.
You will see jobs slashed on daily basis and rest assured that our economy will crumble as never before in a federal state.
Let’s not compare apples to oranges; Trudeau is a drama teacher and Stephen Harper an economist.

The Kremlin’s interpreter

At the age of 32, Pierre Trudeau accepted an invitation from the Soviet government to attend a 1952 propaganda conference with an “economic agenda.” The other five members of the Canadian delegation included prominent members of the Communist Party of Canada. It was there that he remarked to the wife of U.S. chargĂ© d’affaires that he was a communist and a Catholic and was in Moscow to criticize the U.S. and praise the Soviet Union. The U.S. State Department assessed Trudeau’s allegiances, noting that he evinced “an infantile desire to shock.” Canadian diplomats assured the Americans that Trudeau did not possess much common sense.
 Also in 1960 Trudeau set out from Florida in a canoe in an unsuccessful attempt to paddle to Cuba. Thousands of Cubans attempting to flee the island dictatorship would later die sailing in the opposite direction. After making it to Cuba in 1964 Trudeau remarked to a friend, “When you see mass rallies with Fidel Castro speaking for 90 minutes in 100 degree heat you wonder what is the need for elections.”
My view:

It appears the Canadian electorate has taken a swing to the radical left.

Although the Liberal party is usually equated to the Democratic party in the United States, Trudeau Jr. has pushed it to the far left in order to attract NDP voters.

The junior Trudeau's father was a closet Marxist as a young adult and went so far as to attempt to canoe to Cuba in 1960.

On the surface the election does not seem to be shocking, but beneath the veneer of liberalism is a communist heart of the son's father Pierre.

The next four years could be a very trying time for civil liberties and democracy itself in Canada.