Will Russian Resistance To US Dollar Dominance Save America?

My view:

A new day is dawning as Russia continues to rediscover its Christian roots after 70 years of Marxist oppression under the Soviet Union.  It is interesting to see old icons returned to their former glory during the past 20 years after the fall of communism.  There are subtle hints everywhere that faith is making a huge comeback.  Notice about 15 to 20 seconds into the May Day parade video that the Defense Minister makes the sign of the cross as the parade commences.

Perhaps a big contribution to the globe Russia is making presently, is its refusal to be dominated by the corrupt US dollar reserve currency and fractional reserve western banking system.  These two weapons of financial destruction are much more dangerous than a great majority of people believe. They are the instruments that will allow a totalitarian system worse than communism to take root if they are not restrained.  The push toward a cashless society would tighten the big government grip on citizens to an unprecedented level in Europe, North America and Australia.

Could it be that Russia, the nation responsible for the propagation of the atheistic deception of communism be the one that promotes truth and faith to the world and to America itself?

The irony of the American currency is the statement "In God We Trust".  Yet in 1971 Nixon closed the gold window freeing the dollar from any physical restraint placed upon it by gold reserves.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to print notes that say "In Man We Trust" as the unrestrained fiat nature of the currency continues to destroy the economy, standard of living, and fabric of American society.