Establishment Out To Get Rand Paul

Hawks With Long Knives Aim To Cut Down Rand Paul

He has the strange idea that the armed forces should protect the interests of the United States, not be the world’s police force.

I have some serious advice for Senator Rand Paul: Stay clear of the Senate gym steam room and don’t trust anyone in a robe resembling Brutus. There is virtually no one in the GOP establishment who does not want to derail Senator Rand Paul’s bid for the presidency–and with good reason. Rand Paul not only has new ideas for the future of America, but he is honest about the mistakes Republicans, including former presidents, have made in the past.
The biggest establishment taboo Rand Paul has broken most recently is to tell voters that the United States should not arm Islamic Sunni fighters to overthrow secular governments.  Apparently, he did not get the memo from Senator John McCain that we only train and arm “good” Sunni Islamic fighters such as the Harakat al-Hazm brigade. Oops … that “most trusted group” took the weapons we gave them, including TOW missiles, and joined the jihadists early this year. Not to worry; we have a new brigade of Sunni fighters we are training in Jordan to replace them.
My view:

The biggest threat to the established political and wealth elite of this country is Rand Paul.

Watch to see the dirt they will throw to derail his campaign.

He seems to be one of the few well balanced candidates in the field with ideas that appeal widely.

Social media needs to promote these views that mainstream media will actively suppress.