Alberta NDP Prove They Are Retarded After Only One Month In Power

Alberta's minimum wage hike stirs up criticism

CALGARY -- John Batas, the owner of Michael's Restaurant & Pizza in Calgary, is blunt in his assessment of the Alberta government's plan to raise the hourly minimum wage by nearly four dollars in three years -- which would make it the highest in Canada.
"I think going from what it is to $15 is ridiculous," he says, adding that the move would result in higher prices and possibly fewer hours for staff or even layoffs.
"Our food costs are high already. Now you're going to add our labour up high."
His views foreshadow the criticism the province's NDP government will face as it kicks off consultations this month with businesses and advocacy groups on how to increase the minimum wage, which now sits at $10.20, to $15 by 2018.
Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson is expected to announce next month what kind of wage hike will take effect in October.

My view:

In true socialist fashion, the NDP reveals its hidden agenda.

Raising the minimum wage by nearly $4 in a recession is lunacy.  Unemployment is now guaranteed to rise proportionally.

My wife used to run a small retail store.  Many months she was not earning minimum wage while her sole employee was.  A hike of this magnitude (nearly 40%) will simply shut the doors of many small businesses.  Yet the ideologues of the left always refuse to look at the mathematics behind their social agendas.  But perhaps that is their plan, make people more dependent on government handout to ensure future election wins.  Eventually the bond market will sort them out, but they can do a great deal of damage until that day comes.