Will Alberta Swing To The Radical Left?

2015 Alberta election projection

My view:

A provincial election is underway in oil rich Alberta, home of the oilsands.

Recent polls suggest something that a few weeks ago would be unthinkable. 

A swing to the radical leftist New Democratic Party.

After 44 years in power, it appears that the Progressive Conservative will be reduced to an opposition party.  

The downturn in Alberta's oil driven economy with the drop in oil prices, combined with a series of scandals over the past few years has soured the voter on the governing PCs.

Given Alberta's historical tendency to sweep one party from power, combined with its conservative roots, if the vote does unfold as the polls suggest, it will certainly be historical.

We will monitor the results as they come in and suggest what direction the province may take in the future depending on the final poll results.