An Huge Shift To The Left In Alberta

From the NDP website:

Our top priorities are creating jobs in a diversified, 21st century economy, restoring honest and open government, preserving and building our health care system, preserving and building our education system, and rebalancing government revenues to make them more fair – asking high income earners (the top 10% of Albertan tax filers) and large, profitable corporations to contribute a little more.
With our plan we will balance the budget in 2018.

 My view:

It appears the dissatisfaction of Albertans with the current party has overwhelming been made clear as they swept the Progressive Conservatives from power to elect a majority NDP government.

The consequences of this radical move to the left will be long lasting.

As the NDP platform suggests, they are income redistributing socialists.  The irony of the statement that they will be "asking" higher earners to contribute more is quite hilarious.  Since when to governments ask?  They just change the laws and demand more taxes.

In the same paragraph it is suggested that for the NDP job creation will be a top priority.

Yet they just told us that they will be hiking taxes on higher earners and corporations.

Who will want to do business in a province with high corporate and personal income taxes?  Our guess is many businesses will seek more hospitable, business friendly locations.

The comment about planning to balanced the budget in three years was rather far out.

Once income taxes are raised, business begin to leave the province, and money is spent "building our health and education systems", where will the revenue come from?

Our best guess is a provincial sales tax in the 3 to 5 percent range.

We wonder if Albertans will wake up a year from now and wonder what they have done?