Divide And Conquer: Greece, The EU, and Russia

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My view:

The phrase "politics makes strange bedfellows" (attributed to Charles Dudley Warner (American Editor and Author, 1829-1900) certainly applies to the situation with Greece, their EU taskmasters, the IMF, and Russia.

Greece, under severe financial pressure to repay debt to the IMF on April 9th, may make a deal with Russia to give the EU a figurative poke in the eye.  

It is our view that the primary motive by Greece is to remain in the Euro and extract further concessions from the EU in the form of various financial benefits for as long as possible.  Delays will allow the new government to continue to collect more revenue and ultimately leave the Euro. Further, it is our view that the Greek people will no longer tolerated extreme austerity and debt slavery to the IMF and EU.  Their alternative is the drachma and economic alliances with Russia and/or China.

How long this drama plays out is rather uncertain, but we expect by mid summer significant political and financial realignments will occur.