Our Financial Salvation Is At Hand

Each stunning Jesus Clears the Temple bar contains 10 troy oz of .999 pure silver.
The most historic attack in history against the banking elite, was when Jesus Christ cleared the temple. This was also the only time that the Prince of Peace became enraged, as the moneychangers took advantage of the poor and faithful. Jesus sought to whip the scheming moneychangers out of his Father’s Temple. This powerful act gives inspiration many generations later to drive out the moneychangers of our time and age.
The Silver Shield Jesus Clear the Temple 10 ounce silver bullion strike is an affordable and powerful way to stack the metal the moneychangers of our age fear the most.
My view:
This image, from Sdbullion is remarkable for what it represents.

Our current monetary system is highly exploitative and coercive.

It strips money from the poor and middle classes and redistributes it to the ultra wealthy who in turn support the monetary and fiscal policies of the politicians who reinforce the fiat currency and fractional banking system madness.

A symptom of how far this insanity has gone is to look at the yields of German bonds (bunds). Currently they offer negative yields from the shortest term maturing all the way out to the 6 year mark.  Who in their right mind would acquire something that they know will provide a negative cash flow?  Yet it is all done (ECB QE) to "support the economy".

In fact, it is done to support an increasingly overleveraged banking system and those who benefit from it.

The significance of the 10 oz bar is that, unlike government or corporate bonds, precious metals have no counter-party risk.

Our current system is indeed vulnerable to the wrath not only of the people, once they understand how exploitative it is, but of their divine maker as well.