A New Russian German French Alliance?

 Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel make desperate attempt to convince the two sides to accept a political solution

Mr Hollande said the Franco-German plan would be based on the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine and would require a lasting ceasefire. It is understood to be based on a nine-point plan originally presented by Mr Putin, which Ms Merkel and Mr Hollande have adapted to include points raised in other peace plans, such as more autonomy for some eastern areas.
It is also believed to include recognition of language rights for Russian speakers in the whole of Ukraine; recognition of Kiev’s overall authority by the rebels; and Russian acceptance of a monitoring force to prevent further movement of troops or weapons across the border from Russia.
Mr Hollande said that France was “opposed to Ukraine joining Nato”, one of Russia’s fears, and some guarantee along those lines may also be part of the plan.
 My view:

The first thing a reader might notice is the lack of coverage of this important meeting between the Russian, German and French leaders over the war in Ukraine.  Perhaps if one looks deeply into the bowels of the newspaper one might find an article in the American or Canadian press.  Most of the coverage is by independent news sources or the Russian press.

So we need to ask why is this so?

What does big media in the US hope to gain by suppressing this story or relegating it to some back page?

We need to remember that this currency war is all about wealth, power and influence.  For now the United States has this in spades.  We shall see how US power manifests itself in the intermediate term.

Both the French and German economies are reeling from the economic impact of sanctions.  It is easy for the Americans to demand sanctions when so little of the American economy depends on Russian trade.  With the Eurozone teetering on deflation and recession, it does not take much of a shove from sanctions to put it over the edge.  With growing Euroskeptic movements at home, both France and Germany are motivated to end sanctions quickly in an attempt to return to some growth and re-election.

What will be most interesting to find out, is whether the discussions turn to an alternative to SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) as the Russians and Chinese have made some progress down this path.

Surely American Hegemony is being challenged and is threatened by these developments.  The irony is it the Americans own stupid damn fault by influence overreach in the Ukraine and Syria.  The impression the writer is getting is that the Obama administration makes the George W Bush administration look like geniuses, and that is saying something!