Wealth Gap In America Hits Record High

From Kitco:

American Wealth Gap Reaches All-Time High – Pew Research Center

The report stated that the gap between America’s upper-income and middle-income families has reached its highest level on record.
“In 2010, the median wealth of upper-income families was 6.2 times the median wealth of middle-income families. By 2013, that wealth ratio grew to 6.6,” the nonpartisan fact tank said.

My view:

The report mentions that the wealth ratio was 3.4 in 1983 and has skyrocketed to 6.6 in 2013.

A stable society does not have massive wealth gaps.  Another way to measure wealth distribution in a country is the GINI coefficient.  The higher the number, the more wealth is concentrated in fewer hands.  As the reader has already guessed, the United States has one of the highest GINI coefficients in the world.

One of the primary ways to redistributing wealth in a country is through inflation created by Central Banks using fiat currency.  As the purchasing power of the currency is eroded over time, more wealth is pushed in the stock market primarily by upper income individuals to protect it from the ravages of inflation.  Over time, the wealth of the middle and lower income families diminishes as they have few options to protect themselves from a debauched currency.

We wonder how extreme the income and wealth disparities will get before some event occurs to correct the established order?