2015 Forecast

1) The global stock market correction begins in earnest. We expect a full blown bear market in place by the end of 2016. Market Capitalization in November 2014 which we will use as our base level was $64.24 trillion.

2) Gold, the struggling precious metal, finally breaks out of its 3 year slump at reaches the $1450 to $1500 range. If "something happens" in the financial system, the number could be considerably higher.

3) More countries threaten to leave the Euro currency due to austerity and high national debt levels. Spain, Italy, Greece and even France come to mind.

4) After bottoming out early in the year below $50, crude oil rebounds to a range between $72 and $77, then drifts lower.

5) Copper falls to $2.70 per pound. If this price zone fails, it could drop to $2.50 or much lower.

6) The volatility index spikes higher above 35 as a stock market correction unfolds.