US Dollar Goes Parabolic

An interesting chart is forming regarding the US dollar's recent advance.

With such a rapid advance of the dollar in a short span of time, the RSI 14 has become very overbought and the Bollinger Bands are extending (not shown).  Resistance is just about around the 84.5 to 85 level.

The chart reminds me of two other parabolic moves in the past few years.

Silver had a huge run up from $16 to $50 per ounce, followed by a collapse back to $18 recently.  This was nearly a 100% retracement of the prior advance.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, had a huge run up with its untested Ebola vaccine from $5 to $32 per share.  A collapse followed down to below the 76% fib retracement level.

One wonders whether the US dollar, as strong as it appears currently, will suffer a similar fate.

Bigger picture charts (monthly) show a potential target all the way up to 99!  Such a level would massively hit commodities if it came to pass.  The chart show certainly could drop back to 81 or 82 should gravity overtake this parabolic move.  Shorter term, it seems likely commodities and gold could get a substantial bounce once the dollar loses some momentum.