Ceasefire Seems Unlikely So Far In Ukraine

5 Reasons to fade the Ukraine-Russia ceasefire

The breaking news about a “permanent” ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia triggered a relief rally that sent EUR/USD up alongside stock markets. The much needed good news from the region could be short lived.
Is it all over for real? Here are 5 reasons to doubt the move:
  1. Confirmation only from Ukraine: The announcement of a “permanent” ceasefire came out only from Kiev. The Kremlin only said said that a conversation will take place. Update: Putin’s spokesman did not wait too long to say that no ceasefire was agreed upon, as Russia is not a side in the conflict.
  2. Previous ceasefires have broken down: This is not the first ceasefire in the conflict. Russian and Ukrainian leaders are in contact and have already met in Minsk recently. This didn’t stop the recent violence and recent “incursion” of Russia into Ukraine. So, it is not too hard to doubt this ceasefire.

My view:

The link reveals all 5 reasons to remain cautious regarding a ceasefire.

One that is not mentioned is that any news that comes from official sources in Kiev seems to be pure propaganda over the past couple of months from what I've seen.

Perhaps the "liberation" of Eastern Ukraine is not going as well as anticipated by the EU puppets in Kiev?

A risk off environment could arise quickly given the time of year and geopolitical background.