Alibaba and the Forty Thieves

Alibaba delivers on biggest U.S. IPO with $21.8 billion offering

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group will price its shares at $68 a piece, topping its initial expected range, and raising a total of $21.8 billion to make it the biggest U.S. initial public offering ever.
The stock sale places the company in the ranks of the most valuable Internet companies with a market capitalization of $168 billion, exceeding industry standard bearers like ... Twitter  TWTR 0.36% .
 My view:

Alibaba is quite a curious name for a company with one of the largest initial public offerings in history.  Consider the origin of its name.

from Wiki: Ali Baba

Is it not odd that such a large company would derive its name from an Arabian story of theft?

One wonders if years from now we will consider this IPO to be one of the largest heists of investors funds in history?

Let's watch over the next few months to see how the stock price performs.