Palladium May Outperform

HSBC Remains Bullish On PGMs 

HSBC says it remains bullish on platinum group metals after a report from fabricator Johnson Matthey said that the platinum and palladium supply deficits in 2014 will become the widest in more than three decades. HSBC cites media reports saying that Johnson Matthey estimated that the platinum market deficit may widen to 1.218 million ounces this year and the palladium deficit may widen to 1.612 million, both of which would be the largest shortfalls in at least 34 years. “We remain bullish on the PGMs,” HSBC says.

My view:

I like a nearly bankrupt palladium producer at this time.  Here is the chart.

Potential for 40% gains here over time in my opinion.


  1. I bought a crapload of Pa last year, scary % of my PM holdings, so far so good.

  2. Good to hear from you Stock. I think you made a wise move last year - hope it works out.

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