Far Right Uniting Against Euro

Far Right Parties Seek To Destroy Euro From Within

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The chief irony of the European Parliament election this month is that it’s bringing together extremist parties that want to pull the European Union apart.
These nationalist, populist parties on the extreme right or left are by definition focused on national politics, but there are signs that as hostility to the EU grows and the appeal of these euro EURUSD -0.14%  skeptic groups increases, the parties see advantages in banding together.
Some parties on the far right are looking at the possibility of forming a new political group within the European Parliament, giving them added funding and other benefits, such as guaranteed seats on committees.
The British newspaper Telegraph published an interactive map this week showing parties that might join the new bloc.
 My view:

It is quite interesting to see the movement to the right within many traditionally socialist European countries.

The UKIP party is polling 30%, the National Front in France is at 23%, and Freedom Party of Austria close to 20%.

The Euro is a doomed currency, it is only a matter of time.