Euroscepticism - A Growing Phenomenon

EU Parliament elections: Support for far right, Euroskeptics soars

Centre-right parties are being projected to top European parliament vote with 211 seats out of 751, Reuters reports, with socialists seen in second place with 193 seats, liberals would come third with 74, Greens 58, far left 47, and eurosceptic parties are estimated to win around 129 seats. 

In France, the Guardian reports that "according to exit polls, the Front National of Marine Le Pen came first in France with more than 25% of the vote. The nationalist anti-immigrant Danish People's party won by a similar margin in Denmark.

My view:
Is it surprising that after years of austerity to support the Euro that many Europeans are chaffing against the monetary oppression?

The next European parliament session should be enlightening. How successful will the skeptics be in throwing off the Euro yoke and embracing the old national currencies?  As the main benefactor of the Euro is Germany, it will be interesting to see how far they will go to support this dysfunctional currency.