Ukraine Events Don't Pass The Sniff Test

Excerpts From The Telegraph:

Is China Right On Ukraine?

While Viktor Yanukovich had become unpopular, his 2010 election was “fair” and “competitive” according to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. And he wasn’t up for re-election until 2015.
 There is shock that the deal struck on February 22 and signed by three EU foreign ministers – for a government of national unity and a thorough investigation of the Kiev sniper shootings that killed almost 80 – has been ripped up.
 Under an internationally ratified agreement struck in 1994, Moscow can station 25,000 soldiers on the peninsula, not only at the Sevastopol naval base, but also on bases throughout the country. The latest figures from informed Russian and Western sources put the total at around 16,000.
 Enemies for much of the Cold War, Russia and China have built serious commercial ties across their 2,700-mile border. Bilateral trade has grown sevenfold since 2002, to almost $100bn annually, as both sides recognise the economic synergies between the world’s largest energy exporter and the world’s most populous nation and biggest manufacturer.

My view:

Many of the events in Ukraine over the past few weeks simply do not make sense.

After spending so many years in the lending business, one learns to discern subtle messages an applicant gives off, similar to pheromones in nature that can attract or repel.

When following the trail of evidence in Ukraine, it seems that big media in the West would have us believe that protesters were overthrowing a wicked dictator in the duly elected president Yanukovich.
While the president was no saint, he was hardly a dictator and had almost completed his term in office. 
Why overthrow a government that would likely be voted out within a year?

Then there was the promised "help" from the EU for Ukraine that offered austerity in exchange for a bailout.
Hardly an attractive option for a public already suffering.

More troubling is the sniper investigation.  Several reports circulated in the past weeks suggested that the snipers were firing on both the protesters and police.  Examination of the dead and wounded showed the same bullets were used on both sides.
So who was agitating the situation by killing people on both sides?
This has false flag operation written all over it.

Finally, we have reports of Ukraine's gold holdings (in the 30 to 40 tonne range) smuggled out for "safe keeping" in the USA.

Now that the Crimean referendum has passed voting for joining Russia, we see the price of gold pull back.

One wonders if the gold of the Ukraine has been used as short covering for the New York Federal Reserve?  The timing of its transfer seems immaculate.


  1. April is a delivery month and its coming fast. Sounds like you may be on to something PW.


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