The Cost Of Ukraine's Bailout

Ukraine Gold Transferred To USA

There has been an unconfirmed report that on March 7th much of Ukraine's gold was transferred to the US for "safe keeping".

One wonders if this is part of the cost of the proposed IMF bailout?

From the Wall Street Journal:
WASHINGTON—International Monetary Fund officials in Ukraine aim to wrap up negotiations for a bailout with the government in Kiev by March 21 following "good progress" in their fact-finding mission, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said Thursday.
Ukraine's fledgling government has said it is seeking around $15 billion in IMF funding to help stabilize an economy teetering on the edge of default, part of a larger international aid program western officials are negotiating with officials.

Has the Ukraine handed over the gold for security of the bailout loan?

How much gold was involved?

According to the World Gold Council, Ukraine has about 40 tonnes in reserve.

Does this mean 40 tonnes can secure a $15 billion loan?

This would imply a value of gold of $12,000 per ounce.

Is this where gold prices will end up after the Great Reset?

Certainly by devaluing currencies like the dollar, euro and yen by a factor of 9 or 10 would solve much of the sovereign debt problem.

We know that the IMF has special drawing rights as the framework of a new global reserve currency. They have talked about gold being included in a basket of currencies.  The question is, what currencies, and what proportions of each, including gold are in the basket?

So the Ukraine situation truly raises many more questions than it answers, and makes one wonder if the crisis in Ukraine is ultimately tied to keeping the current Anglo American bank cartel in place.