NASA Thinks Collapse Of Civilization Difficult To Avoid

An excerpt of a rather dreary article from the National Post:

After running the numbers on a set of four equations representing human society, a team of NASA-funded mathematicians has come to the grim conclusion that the utter collapse of human civilization will be “difficult to avoid.”
The exact scenario may vary, but in the coming decades humanity is essentially doomed to some variant of “Elites” consuming too much, “resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society.”
That is, unless civilization is ready for one of two “major policy changes”: inequality must be “greatly reduced” or population growth must be “strictly controlled.”

Derrick O’Keefe, the Vancouver-based former editor of, wrote in a Tuesday Twitter post that “this NASA-funded study makes case that future is socialism or extinction.” At about the same time, an anonymous commenter on declared “this is why I keep buying ammo.”
The study starts by reducing human civilization into four easy-to-toggle factors: Elites, Commoners, nature and wealth. The paper explains that this was done because “ecological strain” and “economic stratification” are the only two things that consistently plague collapsing societies.

 It is always amusing to see the solutions the loony left proposes.

They propose more central planning as the solution for the economic and environmental degradation we have suffered to date.

For anyone doubting the efficacy of central planning as a way to preserve the environment, please consider the photo below of the Aral Sea which dried up under Soviet planning as water was diverted for irrigation.

From GeoCurrents: