$3 Trillion Is Not Enough

From FX Street:
Chicago Fed President Charles Evans, one of the biggest boosters of QE, is now seeing a need to 'recognize the limitations of monetary policy'. 

Fed’s Evans Wary of Inflation Drop

My view:

The concern we should be seeing from Fed presidents about the size of the Federal Reserve balance sheet is simply not apparent.
With a balance sheet of $3.9 trillion, it has become clear that endless money printing is not having the intended effect of boosting the economy and lowering unemployment substantially.  The fact of the matter is the Fed balance sheet has increase by over $1 trillion from December 2012!
Was has the economy done during this time?
Q4 2012: 0.14% growth
Q1 2013: 1.14%
Q2 2013: 2.48%
Q3 2013: 3.60%
Average: 1.84% in a $16.5 trillion economy.
So the economy grew a grand total of $294 billion ($0.294 trillion) with a $1 trillion "investment" by the Fed combined with a budget deficit of $680 billion.
Total "investment in the economy from government sources $1.68 trillion.
Total return on investment $0.294 trillion.
Looking at it another way, for every dollar the Fed and Treasury are putting into the economy, they are getting 17.5 cents back.

Hardly a good return on investment!

This begs another question.

How much will stocks and other assets decline if the Fed threatens to take the QE punchbowl away?