QE As Long As Needed

 QE as long as needed

Four quotes from Bernanke that are worth considering:

"Asset purchases not on a pre-set course, pace of buying contingent on Fed’s economic outlook."

"Fed will take efficacy and costs of bond buying into account."

"Rates may stay near zero for considerable time after bond buys end, perhaps well after unemployment falls below 6.5%, so long as inflation remains well behaved."
"US economy still far from where we would like it to be, may be some time before Fed policy turns normal."

From the quotes it becomes clear that the Federal Reserve is unlikely to even moderate the pace of bond buying for quite some time (possibly never).

What will be interesting to observe, is the response of the Fed once the bull market ends in stocks.

Can they idly sit back and and watch their rich banking pals and political benefactors lose large amounts of their wealth in a market downturn, or will they come to the rescue of "the economy" once again?