Gold Says "Let's Rock!"

Gold has sent the signal we have been looking for at last.

Let's look at three charts.

First, Endeavor Silver:

Second, Dundee Precious Metals:

Finally, GDX with Raff Regression:

What is quite amazing is the rate of upward movement unleashed yesterday compared to the overall market.

The performance tells me that QE is turbocharging gold's move to eventual new highs as a flight to safety trade unfolds.

That gold is the metal that speaks the truth about fiat currencies is quite clear with this latest data.

Note that these stocks all had reverse divergence apparent in their MACD histograms.  This is most clear in the Endeavor chart with the dashed red line at the bottom.

The Fed is afraid.

They talk of tapering, but the true state of the economy says beware of the consequences.

As long as QE remains, and perhaps accelerates, gold miners should outperform, in my view.