PW Picks Several American Gold Stocks

The time has come to purchase some gold miners in our opinion.

Over the past two weeks, we have either purchased or considering the following miners that appear to have promise:

Allied Nevada Gold (ANV) 

This was a $40 stock a year ago.

Silver Standard Resources (SSRI)

Newmont Mining (NEM)

A gold miner that was a $56 stock a year ago and pays a dividend of 4.8% and P:E of 8.9.

Our next post will consider some Canadian miners.


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  2. Thank you PW, been loading up on various Miners since the take down ( or sell off ) cough... I would like to offer a few as well, EKX, NG, KGC, for those looking to by cheap options...As always thank you for the post PW.

  3. Thanks for your comments Bill.
    As you point out - EXK, NG and KGC are all fine choices.

    We still might see a paper induced take down of the miners over the next couple of weeks, but my view is we are very close to a bottom if it isn't already in place.


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