Magnetic Filament Outbreak On Sun

"Filaments are popping up all over the solar surface," says Castillo. "Each one has a unique shape and length."
The longest one, in the sun's southern hemisphere stretches, more than 400,000 km from end to end. "It's one of the longest filamentary structures I have ever seen," says veteran observer Bob Runyan of Shelton, Nebraska.
If any of the filaments collapses, it could hit the stellar surface and explode, producing a Hyder flare. Filaments can also become unstable and erupt outward, hurling pieces of themselves into space. Either way, astronomers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.

My view:

These solar events occurred a few days ago. 

It is interesting to note unusual activity on the sun with human behavior.   

Of particular interest will be the reaction to the FOMC meeting.

Increasing volatility could be the order of the day.