Obama's Drones Still Targeting People

Obama shows a strong commitment to the drone programme

The CIA-directed drone strikes are increasingly unpopular. In response, US President Barack Obama has brought targeted killings out of the shadows - but just a bit.
On US soil, no American can be killed without due process, whether with "a drone, or a shotgun", Mr Obama said on Thursday.
For Americans living abroad "to wage war against America", however, the situation is different.
In his national security speech in Washington DC, Mr Obama said that an American overseas who was "actively plotting to kill US citizens", as well as anyone else who posed a threat to US citizens, could be eliminated with a drone.
The drone strikes are part of a legitimate campaign against terrorists - the killings are "legal" and "just", he said.

My view:
Mr. Obama is lying.
There is no way to say this in a politically correct manner.
If human beings are targets by machines "abroad", we know that soon, any threat to the present order will be labelled "terrorists or enemy combatants" domestically.
The Magna Carta has been rescinded under Mr. Obama.
Lord Denning described it as "the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot"
A despot is now in charge of America.
And, it seems, America takes no heed.