Preparing To Reduce Pensions Globally?

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Ht from reader Bill on his site.

Watch the first minute and a half of the video closely.

Apparently being 55 or older makes one "a danger to self and others".

It is my assertion, that the real agenda is to disarm the public in general before certain economic events strike.


A) Approve "Bail-In" measures to seize larger deposits from savers to recapitalize banks if necessary in all major economies (G20) - this is accomplished

B) Approve UN disarmament treaty (now accomplished)

C) Begin and complete gun seizures

D) Cut pensions drastically through nationalization as austerity measures are enforced by the bond market. (Disarmed seniors are much easier to control).

While these assertions seem extreme, consider recent history with Greece and Cyprus.

The total time involved to accomplish C & D remains fluid.  My estimate is about two years or perhaps a bit longer.

Take precautions.