Last Gasp Of Gold Repression In The Currency Wars

Breathtaking moves in the price of gold are sending a message to the ordinary investor.

"Gold is very dangerous - buy our paper backed financially fraudulent products instead".

This move has caught many investors flat footed, even your blogger, who will remember this lesson for quite some time.

But, as Bill Bonner would say, "fish are gonna swim, birds are gonna fly", and gangster banksters are going to steal and try with all their might to keep the ponzi scheme rolling.

Funny how the "short gold" warning from the Vampire Squid  Goldman Sachs came out so soon (April 10th) before the price smack-down.

Draw your own conclusions.

Somebody is going to be buying up an enormous number of cheap gold miners here.

If my wave count is correct, wave 4 is almost in place at the $1300 level.

Note the long term support line in purple.  It happens to cross the $1300 level.

What happens next should be quite educational.  My best estimate calculates gold reaching a minimum level of $2600 in wave 5 as the fiat fraud currency system begins to unravel.


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  2. Why gold really CRASHED HARD today??

    Was it really the boston bombing

    Or are there other factors at play?



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