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Restaurant drops 'albino' beer after name deemed offensive
Albino Rhino beer will no longer be served at a British Columbia restaurant chain after a human rights tribunal deemed the name offensive.
Earls Restaurant has been carrying its exclusive ‘Albino Rhino’ beer brand for 25 years, which was named after the rare white rhinoceros. But after April 24, the restaurant says the word ‘albino’ will be removed from all of its branding.
A Vancouver woman who was born with albinism brought the case to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, arguing that the branding was offensive -- and the tribunal agreed.

My view:

Another example of why political correctness needs to end.

How anyone could be offended by such a name is beyond comprehension.

How a Human Rights Tribunal could force removal of a brand name after 25 years is unbelievable.

It appears that freedom of speech, even in the most innocuous ways, no longer exists in Canada.

How is any business to operate in this type of environment when one complainant can hold a brand name hostage?

This is further evidence of the tyranny of socialism..