Is Obama a Professional Sociopath?

How to Determine if Someone Is a Sociopath

A sociopath is someone with antisocial personality disorder, a mental condition that causes people to disregard social norms governing morality and emotional involvement.
Typically concerned with asserting and maintaining power, sociopaths manipulate those around them and undertake dangerous pursuits without normal pangs of conscience or fears.
The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV), the American Psychiatric Association's guide for diagnosing and treating mental disorders, says that sociopaths "show a lack of concern toward the expectations and rules of society and usually frequently become involved in at least minor violations of the rules of society and the rights of others."
Sociopaths or psychopaths are older terms for what many doctors today call "anti-social personalities."

Let us consider 12 important indicators of the Sociopath:

1) Look for a history of rule-breaking.

2) Consider the person's childhood and adolescent behavior

3) Evaluate the person's relationships

4) Gauge the person's charm, glibness, and way with words.

5) Consider the person's image of him or herself.

6) Determine whether the person can hold down a job.

7) Look for problems with drugs or alcohol.

8) Consider the person's spontaneity and fearlessness.

9) Watch out for physical violence and flashes of rage.

10) Look for an unwillingness to rely on other people except when needing help to get out of trouble.

11) Take account of the person's recognition and sympathy for other people's feelings.

12) Consider the person's equanimity and impassiveness.

My view:

There is something very troubling about the President's recent appearance before the media to announce his gun control proposals.

Note number 4 & 5 in the previous list, and check out the detailed descriptions at the website link.

The longer I see Mr Obama in action, the more I see similarities to someone else we all once despised.

My question is, does our President qualify for this anti-social personality disorder?

If so, he could prove to be one of the most dangerous presidents in recent history.


  1. first of all to become President , usually the person is not a norm of society. You have to be able to stand out and bedifferent in order to become president. It takes a certain type of personality to say to oneself " I can become President" and then do it. I would like to see one President who doesn't fit one or more of those listd in that 1-12 list . Better yet I challenge

  2. I used to think sociopathy was simplied defined as anti-social, but I think that label totally misses the mark.

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