Unintended Consequences Of Stricter Gun Control

This example from Japan is courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

It is interesting to observe the consequences of human interference in natural processes.

Before humans had a large impact on the deer population of Japan (or the US, Canada, Europe), a natural mechanism existed to prevent massive overpopulation and the resulting damage to plant populations from overgrazing.

That mechanism was wolves and other predators.

As the human population increased and displaced other predators, a new balance developed as human hunters replaced animal predators.  The deer population remained stable.

As urbanization increased over the past 40 or 50 years, rural populations shrank remarkably, leaving few individuals with the knowledge or desire to act as a counterbalance to the growing deer population.  Combined with increasingly strict gun control that deludes the urban population into believing they are "safe", the unintended consequences of ruined crops and deer/vehicle collisions grows.

Yet another example of stupid government ideas with negative long term effects.

What will be even more interesting to watch is the fallout from introducing wolves into a country with a small land base and large population.

What is the solution to a bad idea?

A worse idea!


  1. Fantastic example PW of why Gun laws do more harm than good.

    I wish you a Healthy New Year my long distance friend.

    1. And a Happy New Year to you and your family too Bill.
      May 2013 be a year where civil liberties turn around and go in the proper direction for us all.

  2. Also PW it is due to stupid people, listen to this Genius...

    ORIGINAL - Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign. HILARIOUS STUPIDITY.


    This is the Voter base.:)

    1. Just laughed my face off.
      I have heard of people like this, yet what can I say?
      Is this the result of government sponsored public education?
      And this person has the right to vote too?
      The thought give me chills.


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