Watching For A Trigger

October is around the corner and with it comes a certain amount of anxiety in the markets.

One development to watch is the discovery of a Corona virus similar to SARS that has infected two men from the Middle East.

 WHO on high alert after SARS-like illness claims first victim
One man is dead and another is in critical condition with a new coronavirus, similar to SARS. The victims are believed to have contracted the respiratory virus in the Middle East.
World Health Organization (WHO) officials are on high alert over fears about this new coronavirus, from the same family that causes the common cold and SARS which killed more than 800 people world-wide in 2003.
The most recent case was a man from Qatar who had travelled to Saudi Arabia for the hajj pilgrimage. The 49-year old man went to the doctor September 3, after returning home. Four days later he was put into intensive care and then airlifted to London on September 11. British Health officials ran a series of tests and confirmed the presence of the virus.
In an earlier case, a 60-year old man from Saudi Arabia died from unknown causes, until a Dutch medical centre confirmed that it was a corona virus and is a 99.5% match for the most recent case. And Saudi's health ministry says a second person also died with similar symptoms, but that case has not been confirmed by the WHO yet.

 Given the infectious nature of the Corona virus, it is quite possible that the hajj may end up spreading the disease over much of the globe unless precautions are taken.

The N95 face mask does a good job of reducing exposure to the virus and was worn during the epidemic in 2002.

In the unlikely event that the worst scenario does play out, this event may act as a trigger causing substantial economic disruption that may be enough to push much of the developed world back into a recession despite Quantitative Easing.