More Gold & Silver Thoughts

The charts are once again showing some interesting developments.

Silver today formed a "hammer" candlestick after being pushed down to its 20 day MA.  The RSI 2 indicator actually turned up today and closed just above oversold territory.

The silver market has been leading the gold market for a few months, and one wonders if we are seeing the early stages of a rebound.

Too early to tell at this time.

My focus has been on gold for months, even years.

The market has experienced a little sell off and perhaps wants to pull back a bit more.

I view this as an opportunity to re-buy at a lower price.

The miners have pulled back nicely and we will need to see a good signal before re-entering the market.

In the meantime, those hedges paid off nicely.

Sold both ERY and DUST for a tidy sum.

Lots of wild waves to ride in this market, both up and down.


  1. No one ever scorns a man when it comes to taking profits. Nice grab friend.

    Cheers PW.

  2. Thanks Bill.

    Waiting for a clear signal to re-buy the metals.

    It is an uncomfortable feeling to be short gold despite what the charts say.


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