Peak Complacency?

Consider this chart of the volatility index:

It is my view that we are about to bounce off major support on the VIX today or tomorrow.

The correction is finally coming.

Hedge accordingly.

Gold stocks should do quite well during this time of increasing volatility.


  1. Indeed it is PW. I am sidelined with the main focus on buying physical gold at the moment. Volumes are pathetic. Here it is 1:20 ET and what supposedly according to the MSM is a strong economic environment

    DOW 13,261.74 -13.46 -0.10%



    Mind your money cause no one else is that's for dam sure.

    Be well


  2. Thanks for your comment Bill. I certainly have some physical AU as well. Buying some of the stronger gold stocks right now as they have moved back to support and have strong bottom basing patterns. Hoping they will provide good swing trades as gold often starts to take off during August. The markets look like lame ducks to me, waiting for the slightest trigger to fall down.

  3. Big Bro -- He Got Your Backside and remember, you didn't build it, McDonalds did.


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