Solar Flare Watch

The CME launched toward Earth by yesterday's X-flare is moving faster than originally thought. Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab have revised their forecast accordingly, advancing the cloud's expected arrival time to 09:17 UT (5:17 am EDT) on Saturday, July 14th. Weekend auroras are likely.
Sunspot 1520 produced an X Class Flare Thursday.

My view:

It would be wise to consider the impact of an X class flare on our everyday lives.

This class of flares, the largest of all flares, are rather uncommon events and seem to be linked to earthquakes some days after the impact event.

The Japanese earthquake of March 2011is an example.

Other possible impacts could be a power grid flicker or even full scale blackout as happened in the Canadian province of Quebec in 1989 leaving 6 million people without power.

Any large scale impact has the potential to effect a variety of our daily activities including:

Ability to purchase groceries

Bank machine access to cash

Gasoline availability in the event of a blackout

Sudden downturn in the stock market in the event of a destructive earthquake.

As the Boy Scouts of America's Motto says, "Be Prepared".