We Must Not Remain Silent Before Evil

The Lenten message from Benedict XVI is a simple yet profound one.

We can not and must not remain idle while evil strives to destroy what is good.

The accuracy of this testimony in the video I can not vouch for.

Given the Kaiser report's reputation I tend to believe it.

But this produces an uncomfortable question.

How can someone be so inclined to evil as to not only organize such an attack on innocent lives, but make vast profits on it at the same time?

Another question is raised. Who was responsible?

The mass media reports Jihadists as the official suspects.

But if the trading options reports are true, is this likely or even plausible?

I sense something very dark afoot here.

May we all have the courage to stand up to evil, like the passengers of Flight 93.


  1. http://pittsburgh.about.com/od/flight_93/a/passengers.htm


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