Brace For Impact

Readers will recall a comment made a few days ago about the Facebook IPO demonstrating "peak complacency" in the market.

Now we have two other indicators that show a strong bear market has already begun.

First let's look at Doctor Copper and see what he has to say:

Doc Copper is looking pretty under the weather after the evening doji star candlestick appeared on Jan 27th.

I like to watch for evening star patterns as they are highly reliable indicators of a downturn.

Further, Slow Stochastics has turned down, MACD is declining, and RSI is headed down.

Secondly, look at the S&P pattern that just emerged:

In this chart we see a candle stick pattern known as dark cloud cover on January 25 & 26 with confirmation of the pattern the next day.

Note that like Dr Copper, RSI, MACD, Slow Stochastics are all in a decline phase.

So it appears that the Facebook IPO will mark the start of a long downtrend, based on these indicators.


  1. Thank you PW always appreciate the great TA.



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