Copper Double Death Cross

Today I noticed a significant event on the weekly copper chart:

The 20 week simple moving average just crosses the 75 week SMA.

The last time this occurred was in October 2008, just after the crash.

In August the 20 week SMA crossed the 40 week SMA.

In my view these two events are highly significant.

Doctor Copper is telling us something is very wrong with the economy at a macro level.

Are we listening?


  1. ES is at a crossroads. It is actually coldest right before the
    dawn. I used to ride a motorcycle to work, and when I used to go in
    early to get a good workout in before work (I would ride at around 4AM),
    it was way warmer than when I went in for normal work schedule (riding
    around 6AM).

    And so it is with market turns,


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