A New Dark Age Dawns

Merkel Won’t Let Euro Split, May Cause Dark Age
Angela Merkel won’t allow the euro region to split because she understands that could cause “a dark age” by wrecking the bloc’s energy markets as oil supplies dwindle, said an adviser to the German chancellor. Europe’s 500 million residents, the wealthiest market on Earth, have led the development of technologies in clean energy, transport and communications that can drive global growth that doesn’t rely on oil, said Jeremy Rifkin, a Wharton Business School professor who has advised Merkel for six years. “I hope they pull this off, there’s no one else,” he said yesterday in Madrid of Merkel’s struggle to boost growth as part of Europe’s rescue strategy and preserve the single currency area. “If it splits up, we’re into a dark age.” Rifkin argues that record oil prices in 2008 pushing up the costs of everything from food to clothing rather than the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was the main cause of the financial crisis. The global economy won’t return to its pre-crisis growth until it moves away from fossil fuels because rising oil prices will continually hold down expansion, he said.
“If the euro fails, Europe fails,” Merkel said yesterday. “But we shall not allow this to happen.”
My view: There are many intelligent, well educated people whom argue that peak oil, fossil fuels and other popular evils are holding back the economy and preventing a new era of growth. 

Unfortunately, these analysts are either misinformed, or engaging in sophistry.

The primary drag on the economy of developed countries is debt. It is that plain and simple. 

Connected to the debt drag, is the fact that all countries now have fiat currencies which are debt derived currencies.

Herein lies the problem.

Angela Merkel proposes that the end of the Euro is the "failure" of Europe.


Europe thrived for centuries on gold and silver based economies that relied on savings being invested rather than government debt.

The Euro is a recent invention that has existed for just over 20 years.

Her assertions are completely false and misleading.

All totalitarian socialist states depend on the ability to manipulate the masses through the use of fiat currencies and inflation to propose "improvements" to the lifestyles of the masses.

All these expansions of state powers and government services depend on an increase in leverage, a never ending amount of finance to accomplish their goals and increase their power over our daily lives.

Like cancer, unlimited growth is not good.

Growth must be checked by the changing reality of market demands which includes recessions, rather than centrally planned goals.

Currently, the alternative energy sector is massively government and taxpayer subsidized as it is not competitive with the energy density of fossil fuels.

Yet the central planners insist on subsidies that take productivity out of the economy and redistribute it to alternative energy companies.

Will the central planners save the world by preventing "climate change"?

I doubt it.

But what they will do it produce such a complex and bloated bureaucracy as to sink the taxpayer and economy before recovery is even possible.

Rather than leaving well enough alone, and letting the free market produce efficient, competitive alternative energy products, they encourage zombie like companies that suck the life out of the taxpayer and economy.

This is true new dark age.

An age of money devouring zombies fed by the taxpayer.

An age of civil liberties that disappear with every new "emergency" created by a ravenous military machine and banking cartel.

All these unsustainable things will come to an end. 

But not without a profound and lengthy battle with the voter and taxpayer. 

Wake up members of western democracies and look at what the political deceivers have created! 

They have lied to you and promised goodies that they can not possibly deliver. 

It is a monstrously distorted economy where even the currency can't be relied on.

As for me, gold and farmland and the know-how to work the land look good here, as the value of almost everything else looks dubious.


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    Look out bulls, iceberg dead ahead.


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