Funny Headline From Europe

Europe 'closer to resolving eurozone crisis'
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has said Europe has moved closer to solving the eurozone debt crisis, as an agreement was reached in Brussels.

Addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr Barroso said the deal showed the EU could unite in the most difficult of times. He also announced the appointment of a commissioner dedicated to the euro. Shares on European markets rose sharply on news of the deal.

After marathon talks in Brussels, European leaders agreed:

Banks holding Greek debt would accept a 50% loss

A mechanism to boost the eurozone's main bailout fund to about 1tn euros (£880bn; $1.4tn)

Banks must also raise more capital to protect them against losses resulting from any future government defaults
My view:
The concentration of power that is occurring in Europe presently in response to both a sovereign debt and banking crisis is troubling.
It appears that the creators of the European Union are using the crisis they helped create to strengthen their powers and reduce those of individual European nations.
A question arises. 
How long with countries like Finland and other independent minded nations tolerate this concentration of power in the hands of the crisis creators?
It is amusing to me that once again a 3 trillion Euro problem is being "repaired" with a 1 trillion Euro solution.
Perhaps the politicians should just light the (borrowed) money on fire instead!